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Encrusting Unit

Encrusting Unit
Product ID: EU-70L

EU-70L is a brand new multi-functional encrusting unit which is developed by Hundred Machinery. When customers already have dumpling machines such as HM-777 or HM-737, they just need an additional EU-70L Encrusting Unit to produce delicious xiaolongbao (small juicy dumplings), small meat buns, meat pies, pan-fried buns, leek buns and other products.

The speed control of EU-70L shutter and conveyor is separated, which is more user-friendly during operating for customers. The machine has upward function that is a plus for making better quality of products.

Furthermore, EU-70L has different kinds of shutters, including 6-pieces, 9-pieces and 12-pieces pattern. 12-pieces shutter with pattern is the most popular one among these shutters.

In addition to connecting dumpling machines HM-777 and HM-737, EU-70L Encrusting Unit can also be connected with bun machines, such as HM-666, HM-668, HM-688, HM-698 and HM-868 to produce various kinds of delicious Chinese steamed buns and meat buns. With HM-868 and EU-70L, customers can even make special flavor shortbread products.


。Capacity:10 ~ 100 pcs/min

。Product Weight:10 ~ 100 g

。Dimension:1,380mm(L)x 930mm(W)x 1,020mm(H)

。Machine Weight:100 kg

。Electricity:3Phase, 220V, 0.78kw


EU-70L are suitable for producing a wide variety of filled food products such as Dumpling, Samosa, Pierogi, Patties, Empanada, Ravioli, Curry Puff,Small Juicy Meat Bun,Pelmeni, Tortellini, Finger Roll, Noodle, Pasta, Apple Pie, Gugia , Maccheroni and more.


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