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Hundred Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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HM-168 / HM-101A / HM-203

HM-168 / HM-101A / HM-203
Product ID: Pineapple / Moon Cake / Maamoul Processing Line

We supply Chinese Meat Bun Processing Machine, Meat Bun Processing Machine Bun Machine, Meat Bun Machine, and Food Processing Line, please feel free to contact us if you have any requirement or question. 


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Machine Dimension : L1550xW900xH1300/mm 
Machine Weight : 250kg 
Product Weight : 10~150g 
Capacity : Max 100 pcs/min (Under 45g) 
Electricity : 3Phase, 220V,1.29kw

Machine Dimension: L 1100 x W 530 x H 1300/mm 
Machine Weight: 100kg 
Electricity: 3 Phase, 220V/380V, 0.21KW

HM-203 Auto Aligning Machine
Machine Dimension: L 1650 x W 1400 x H 1550/mm
Machine Weight: 500kg 
Capacity: 10~60 pcs / min 
Electricity: 3 Phase, 220V/380V, 0.75KW

Machine Dimension: L 1000 x W 800 x H 1400/mm
Machine Weight: 200kg 
Electricity: 3 Phase, 220V/380V, 0.09KW


Pineapple Cake /Moon Cake / Maamoul Processing Line
It can make Moon Cake, Cookies, Rice Cake with Bean Paste, Maamoul...etc.

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CEO:Mr. Kevin Tsai
Contact:Mr. Kevin Tsai
Address:No.69, Sec. 3, Wenhua Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City 717, Taiwan