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Multi-Function Processing Machine

Multi-Function Processing Machine
Product ID: HM-868
  • HM868 is possible to change filling material rapidly and easily for independent Filling Feeder.
  • The dough belt will go through 3 sets rolling stage to produce the proper thickness without damageing the gluten of dough.
  • Following this process,the Auto Filling Feeder will extrude the filling on the dough belt.
  • The dough belt with filling on top is rolled by the cylindrical molding section and the dough belt forms the outer casing.
  • The Auto Filling Feeder is an independent unit and easily to be attached and removed for cleaning and conveniece of changing different filling material.
  • Finally the encruster automatically forms the rolled dough with inner filling into the profile of choice such as ball,long bar or pillow shape.
  • The ratio of fiiling and casing is fully adjustable as well as the size and length of product. 

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Model HM-868
Machine Dimension

a.L4200 x W 1300 x H 1750mm(Meat Bun)

b.L 5230 x W 1300x H 1750mm(Steam Bun)

Machine Weight  900kg
Weight Product  10~600g
Capacity 1,000 ~ 8,000 pcs/hr
Electricity 3 Phase,220V,3.75KW


Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Kevin Tsai
Contact:Mr. Kevin Tsai
Address:No. 136, Sec. 1, Min’an Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City 717, Taiwan (R.O.C.)