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Automatic Double Line Shaomai Forming Machine(HM80)

Automatic Double Line Shaomai Forming Machine(HM80)
Product ID: HM-80

HM-80 is specialized in making Shaomai, and it's easy to operate and clean.Product is the same as hand-make.

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Machine Dimension: L 1400 x W 1000 x H 2100/mm
Machine Weight: 700kg
Product Weight: 14~30g
Capacity: 5000~6000 pcs/ hr
Electricity: 3 Phase 220V, 2.5KW
The ratio of filling and casing can be adjusted by requirementHM-80 doesn't need to make dough sheet, just need to put filling and dough in hoppers, and it will make Shaomai automatically.
The shape of product is the same as hand-made.
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CEO:Mr. Kevin Tsai
Contact:Mr. Kevin Tsai
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