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6th Presentation in Suzhou Hundred Machinery  more

Published by Economic Daily News on 16th SEP 2016  more

Taipei TechFood Show  more

2016.9/22-9/24 International FoodTec INDIA  more

2016.8/3-8/5 VIETFISH 2016  more

2016.06.22 Foodtech & Pharmatech TAIPEI  more

2016.05.11-14 Bakery China 2016 行程表  more

2016.05.11-14 Bakery China 2016  more

2016.04.12-15 FHA Singapore Expo  more

Published by Economic Daily News on 23th MAR 2016  more

2015.11.12 HM SHOW SUZHOU  more

Live Gulfood Manufacturing  more

2015.11FHC China 2015 – Retail, Hospitality & Foodservice Equipment  more

2015.11Taiwan Excellent Food and Equipment Exhibition  more

2015.10 Gulfood Manufacturing  more

2015.09.20 FINE FOOD  more

2015.06.24 Yahoo For Hundred Machinery Netnews  more

Published by Economic Daily News on 08th June 2015  more

【Published by Commercial times on 08th Jun 2015】  more

2015.06 Foodtech&Pharmatech Taipei  more

2015.09.12-17 IBA International Baking Industry Exposition  more

2015.05.16-19 NAR SHOW  more

2015.03.25 Published by Economic Daily News  more

2015.03.16 Published by Commercial times  more

2015.03.26-29 Taipei International Bakery Show  more

2014.11.10 Published by Commercial times  more

2014.11.09-11 Gulfood Manufacturing Connexions  more

2014.11.14-17 Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall  more

2014.06.25-28 Taiwan Int'l Hotel Restaurant and Catering Show  more

2014.06.25-28 Foodtech & Pharmatech TAIPEI  more

2014.05.08-14 Interpack Dusseldorf  more

2014.04.08-11 Food & Hotel Asia Singapore  more

Interview Reports by ETTV Published on 13th March, 2014  more

2014.03.13-16 Taipei International Bakery Show  more

Published by Economic Daily News on 8th Jan 2014  more

2013.11.22-25 Taiwan International Food Show  more

2013.10.07-11 2013 Russia Agropromash  more

2013.10.06-09 2013 IBIE International Baking Industry Exposition  more

2013.09.09-12 2013 Fine Food Australia  more

2013.06.26-29 FoodtechPharmatech Taipei  more

2013.05.07-10 15th HOFEX show in Hong Kong  more


【Published by Commercial times on 7th Jun 2013】  more

2012.11.21-24 ALLPACK Indonesia(Photo includes)  more

【Published by Commercial times on 6th Agu. 2012】  more

【Published by Commercial times on 9th Jan 2012】  more

【Published by Japan Food Industry Daily News on 18th July 2011】  more

【Published by Commercial times on 6th Sep 2011】  more

【Published by Economic Daily News on 22th Jun 2011】  more

【Published by Commercial times on 22th Jun 2011】  more